one direction nails

so definitely my #1 request right now is one direction nails.. i definitely want to do one of their songs and i will let you guys decide. so one thing or what makes you beautiful?

alright guys…

… can i get some requests? maybe think of some cool winter/holiday ideas? i’m coming up on the end of the semester so during winter break i will be able to do a lot! maybe i’ll throw in a holiday giveaway? let me know what you guys think!?


i just got duri rejuvacote nail growth system for my nails today! a friend told me about it so i thought i’d try, cause i can never get my nails longer than what you see in the pictures! has anyone ever used it before?

i think i’m gonna do a “sweets” theme for my nails tonight, that’ll be up in a few hours.



-tetris nails

-ocean themed

-love/hate (you guys know the design that says love and then in the mirror it says hate? i wanna try to do that in nail form!)

..and i’m thinking i wanna do a giveaway when i get to 500 followers! :)

any requests? :)