(closed) HOLIDAY 2011 GIVEAWAY

holiday giveaway time! before i forget to say it, this is for US residents only, i’m sorry!

now, there’s going to be two different giveaway’s (one’s more of a contest). you guys can enter one or both, whatever you’d like! wanted to try to get the prizes out to the two winners before christmas, but i don’t think that’s going to happen. this contest ends on december 21st, 2011 at 6:00 PM EST TIME. i will post winners shortly after!

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1. create a nail design that incorporates a snowman. (here’s mine from last year.. make it more creative than mine!)

2. Email me a picture of your nails to thenailpro@ymail.com with subject “contest entry,” and in the email, answer the question “why do you like nail art?”

I will pick my favorite design, and this is the prize the winner will get:

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1. Simply reblog this post, and in your post, tell me an original idea for a winter nail design. make it good and make yours stand out!

2. i will look through all the notes on this post and pick my favorite idea. i will then do that idea and the winner will win this: (ps.. the ulta nail polishes are much cooler looking than in this picture.. my camera didn’t pick up all the sparkles that are in them)

Good luck and have fun! message me with any questions/anything i may have forgotten to say in this post! :) xo



so i need a favor from all of you, and in return i’m going to make it into a giveaway. (my followers outside of the USA.. feel free to complete the first two steps, i would love you forever, but for this one i am only shipping prizes to US. sorry!)

what to do:

1. go to http://www.facebook.com/avstv and "like" the page.

2. go to http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150688979405005&oid=65355690922&comments and "like" the comment posted by LADLY MASSEY.

3. message me here on tumblr and tell me your name so i can check to make sure you liked the comment.

4. the object is for ladly massey to get the most amount of “likes.” right now she’s losing by about 40. IF AND ONLY IF SHE WINS, i will pick 20 random people that completed all the steps correctly, and i will send those 20 people a small prize. possibly a nail art brush, nail polish, or nail jewels.. haven’t decided yet! if she doesn’t win, no prizes! 

you guys have until july 8th. GO GO GO!


today is the last day to enter my contest! CLICK HERE to go to the page with the rules and what you have to do! i’m closing the contest tonight at 9:00pm eastern time and i will be picking winners shortly after that.. (if you’re in a different time zone and don’t know what time that is where you live, you have 7 1/2 hours left from the time i post this) GOOD LUCK EVERYONE :)


cutencheeky asked:Hey I’m from Brazil and I’d like to enter your contest… Can I?
yes you can! it’s open internationally!
any other questions?


you guys have one more week to enter my contest! CLICK HERE to view the rules and what you have to do. i have not received very many entries so far, but i love all of them that i’ve gotten! if i keep loving all of the entries, i might consider having a few honorable mention prizes. make sure you enter, you don’t wanna miss out!

any requests for designs?


THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED!! see the winning entries HERE


hi everyone! this is my second giveaway! (except i guess it’s more like a contest.. you’ll see!)

here’s the prizes.. not sure if it’s like 1st 2nd and 3rd or if they’re all equal or whatever, but here they are! click for pictures.

one (china glaze japanese koi, two mini sally girl polishes, and LA art deco blue glitter)

two (china glaze turned up turquoise, china glaze peppermint cuticle oil, and one mini sally girl polish)

three (ikonna flower nail decorations)

here’s what you have to do!

step 1: follow me and reblog this post.

step 2: watch my tutorial on how to marble without water: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WWYycW2mP8

step 3: come up with your own marbling without water design (in my video i came up with 3 designs.. i want you guys to think of your own!) then do the design on your own nails and take a picture!

step 4: send me an email ( thenailpro@ymail.com ) with your picture as an attachment. in the email, make sure you tell me your tumblr url.

if you follow all these steps correctly you will be entered in the contest! message or email me if you have any questions!

the contest ends on SUNDAY APRIL 10TH, AT 9:00PM EASTERN TIME.

i will be picking my 3 favorite designs and i will notify the winners that night!

good luck everyone and have fun with it! :)


-this contest is open internationally.

-you can submit more than one design!

last day!

to enter my giveaway! i’m randomly picking two winners tonight at 8 eastern time! enter! :) http://thenailpro.tumblr.com/post/3210646685/giveaway



thefivestars asked:Hey, what do you use to do nail art? because the details seem very small so I’m wondering
asloverstryst asked:I love what you do! It’s incredible & I hope to learn how to do it just as well. I was wondering though, what brushes do you use? How do you recommend cleaning them? etc. Thanks!


i use tiny tiny craft brushes that you can get at any craft store (ac moore, michaels, etc) i love regular nail art brushes that you can get at any beauty supply store but i find that for some of my designs the brush is too big! so it’s much easier to find the smallest brush you can at a craft store and use that! :) i clean them with nail polish remover! thank you both for your questions! :) xo


ENTER MY GIVEAWAY!http://thenailpro.tumblr.com/post/3210646685/giveaway