requests please!

hi everyone! just finished up finals this week. i am definitely going to do and post more now that i’m finished with classes. also, there will be a giveaway up hopefully within the next week! leave me a reply on this post with any requests you guys have. (or you can email me - also, if you have any cool patterns, send me a picture! 

what do you want to see?

  1. free-f0rever answered: carnival or circus theme? with like cotton candy and rides!
  2. growlingbelly answered: Mustaches?
  3. lover-of-art answered: Can you please do The Hunger Games nails?
  4. xxostaybeautiful answered: You should do something with crackle! I have it in a ton of different colors but idk what to do with it to make it more fun, thanks xo
  5. napsterxp answered: Maybe just do tips, thats always pretty cool :P
  6. todaytomorrowandalways answered: Hunger Games! Harry potter! Romione! Luna! Cats! T-Swift! Beach!
  7. wendirob answered: NASCAR!!!
  8. fixed-flowers answered: can you make a tutorial on galaxy nails?
  9. tropicalbeard answered: please do one direction nails, katy perry nails, lady gaga nails, and ipod/apple product nails! Thank you :)
  10. r0ck-0nn answered: do a one direction one! please c: xx
  11. mydesireistoinspire answered:…
  12. toopunk-rock answered: please do glee nails!!!! i requested them forever ago!
  13. nappilyinlovee answered: avenger nails :P
  14. lookatallthesparklythings answered: OOooooh yeah, silhouettes would be baller!
  15. peaceluvchenny answered: u should do the hunger games, the wizard of oz, harry potter, different apps and dance
  16. remainsofawastedyouth answered: hunger games nails? x
  17. kobitosnails answered: it would be cool if you could do silhouettes on your nails!
  18. mauria said: Cobra Starship nails!
  19. daisies answered: the avengers :D
  20. lifedeterminedbyothers answered: Could you do some water marbling?
  21. everythingtiffanyy answered: One Direction nails!
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